This page presents the cover factsheet of the FareWellDock project. The other factsheets deal with tail docking, enrichment, health and the prediction of tail biting. These can be found here. All factsheets are available in English, but also in Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, Italian, Norwegian and Swedish)
Below you can also find some more information about the project partners, workpackages, project meetings and publications.

Cover factsheet about the FareWellDock project

Cover factsheet in English

Factsheet cover English (pdf)
Factsheet cover Danish (pdf)
Factsheet cover Dutch (pdf)
Factsheet cover Finnish (pdf)
Factsheet cover French (pdf)
Factsheet cover Italian (pdf)
Factsheet cover Norwegian (pdf)
Factsheet cover Swedish (pdf)

More project information

Participating countries: Finland, the United Kingdom, France, Denmark, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and the USA.

Research institutes involved:

University of Helsinki, Finland
Aarhus University, Denmark
NVH, Norway
Newcastle University, United Kingdom
SRUC, United Kingdom
INRA, France
SLU, Sweden
Wageningen UR Livestock Research (the Netherlands)

The project has 3 work packages (WP)

WP 1 (pain): short and long‐term effects of tail docking on nociception and pain including the effects of analgesia). WP 1 on ‘Hazard characterisation’ is led by Newcastle University. Other partners include SRUC, INRA, Aarhus University, and NVH.

WP 2 (enrichment): assessment of different enrichment measures, especially the use of different amounts of straw including the aspects of manure handling. WP 2 is led by Aarhus University. Other partners are SLU, Wageningen, INRA and the University of Helsinki.

WP 3 (health): evaluation of individual’pigs health status and its influence on tail biting. WP3 is led by the University of Helsinki. Other partners include NVH, INRA and Newcastle.

Each WP has 3 subtasks:

WP1 Short- and long-term effects on welfare (including nociception and pain) of tail docking and tail biting
WP 1.1 [No title, on tail physiology]
WP 1.2 [No title; longitudinal study]
WP 1.3 [No title, acute NSAID study]

WP 2 Tail biting and enrichment
WP 2.1 The use of animal-based measurements to assess adequacy of enrichment provision
WP 2.2 Practical on-farm implementation and incentives for the use of enrichment materials
WP 2.3 The efficiency of enrichments versus tail docking to reduce tail biting

WP 3 Identification of individual and group characteristics predisposing pigs to tail biting
WP 3.1 Sickness behaviour and tail biting
WP 3.2 Identification of pigs at risk of being bitten or becoming tail biters
WP 3.3 Automated detection of impending outbreaks

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See our Publications page.





Project meetings

Startup meeting Helsinki, FI (live), 5-6 Nov. 2013
2nd project meeting (video conference), 27-3-14
3rd project meeting (video conference), 9-10-14
4th project meeting Paris, FR (live), 8/9-4-2015
5th project meeting (video conference), 7-10-2016
6th project meeting (video conference), 16-3-2016
7th project meeting Edinburgh (satellite meeting ISAE), 12-7-2016
8th project meeting Vejle, DK (live), 27/28-10-2016
9th project meeting (video conference), 16-1-2017
1st FareWellDock-network meeting Aarhus (satellite meeting ISAE), 7-8-2017


See also the blog on ‘Project objectives’ and our webpages links and partners.

Affiliated institutes and centers

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Norwegian University of Life Sciences

Animal Welfare Research Group

Animal Welfare Research Group (Norway)

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Center for Animal Welfare and Adaptation (CAWA, Wageningen UR, The Netherlands)

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University of Helsinky

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