This web page lists project partners and others involved in research on and problem-solving of tail biting, tail docking and enrichment materials for pigs.

Marc Bracke
Marc B.M. Bracke, PhD, DVM (NL)
Research of Animal Welfare at Wageningen UR Livestock Research
Department of Animal Welfare
Telephone & Cell: +31 317 480558
Email: marc . bracke @ wur . nl
Publications  – Wageningen UR
Specific expertise: tail biting, enrichment, risk assessment, modelling, natural behaviour, welfare assessment, on farm, decision support, ethics
Role in FareWellDock: WP2, enrichment protocol, AMI sensor, dissemination

Andrew Janczak
Andrew M. Janczak, PhD (NO)
Associate professor of Animal Behaviour and Welfare
Research leader Production Animal Research Laboratory
Department of Production Animal Clinical Sciences
Telephone: +47 22 96 48 77
Cell: +47 415 14 939
E-mail: andrew.janczak @
Specific expertise: Physiology
Role in FareWellDock: WP1

fwc pic 081014 Valros_Anna
Anna Valros, PhD (FI)
Professor of Animal Welfare
University of Helsinki
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
Telephone:  (09) 191 57400, 050 415 1242
E-mail: anna . valros @ helsinki . fi
Specific expertise: Enrichment, tail biting behaviour
Role in FareWellDock: Project coordination, WP1, 2 and 3

Armelle Prunier
Armelle Prunier, PhD (Fr)
Senior scientist
INRA-UMR PEGASE, Domaine de la Prise, F-35590 Saint-Gilles
E-mail: armelle . prunier @ rennes . inra . fr
Scientific expertise: pig, welfare assessment, stress physiology, boar taint
Role in FareWellDock: coordinator of the French part, participant to WP1, 2 and 3
Identifying Identifying and monitoring pain in farm animals: a review,
Minimising pain in farm animals: the 3S approach – ‘Suppress, Substitute, Soothe’

Stefan Gunnarsson
Stefan Gunnarsson, PhD, DVM (SE)
Senior lecturer in Sustainable animal production
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science
Department of Animal Environment and Health, Skara
Telephone: +46 51167 216
E-mail: stefan . gunnarsson @ slu. se
Specific expertise in this project: Pig Environment and Health
Role in FareWellDock: WP 2

Prof. Sandra Edwards
Sandra Edwards PhD (UK)
Professor of Agriculture
Newcastle University
School of Agriculture, Food and Rural Development Newcastle upon Tyne NE 1 7RU
Telephone: +44 191 208 8350
E-mail: sandra . edwards @ ncl . ac . uk
Specific expertise in this project: Pig behaviour and welfare Role in FareWellDock: WP 1 and 3

Dale Sandercock
Dale A. Sandercock, PhD (UK)
Senior Research Scientist
Animal and Veterinary Science Research Group
Scotland’s Rural College (SRUC)
Roslin Institute Building, Easter Bush, Penicuik, Midlothian UK EH25 9RG
Telephone: +44 131 650 6585
Email: dale . sandercock @ sruc . ac . uk
Specific expertise: Molecular neurobiology of stress and pain in farm species, gene and protein expression, pain assessment, animal health and welfare.
Role in FareWellDock: UK partner in WP1.

Telephone: +1 765 494 6358
E-Mail: jeremy . marchant-forde @ ars . usda . gov
Specific expertise: Social and maternal behavior, heart rate variability, animal welfare science
Role in FareWellDock: WP3. Tear staining and behavioral sequencing.

Specific expertise:
Role in FareWellDock: