Second project meeting

The second meeting of the FareWellDock project was held on Thursday March 27 2014 by videoconference. Partners from Finland, the UK, Denmark, France, the Netherlands, Sweden and Norway presented their work in progress. All partners have started and work is on schedule.

We now have a new logo and several abstracts have already been submitted for presentation at scientific conferences (DK on pain in docking at ISAE 2014; FI on tear staining at WAFL and NL on logging AMI (animal-material interactions) at Measuring Behavior 2013).

Prof. Valros gave an interview to a Dutch Journalist for the farmer Magazine ‘Varkens’ about the Finnish pig sector and the recent publication showing that chewable enrichment materials in the farrowing pen can reduce tail biting in later life (Telkänrantaa et al. 2014). Another farm magazine article about the startup of the FareWellDock project is expected in the Finnish journal KMVET.

Our next meeting is scheduled for Thursday October 9, 2014.

FareWellDock logo
FareWellDock logo