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Meeting October 2014

The yearly FareWellDock meeting was held on October 9th 2014 using video conferencing between participants from Finland (Anna Valros, Mari Heinonen, Camilla Munsterhjelm), the UK (Sandra Edwards, Dale Sandercock, Pierpaolo Di Giminiani), France (Armelle Prunier, Celine Tallet), Denmark (Lene Juul Pedersen, Margit Bak Jensen, Mette Herskin), The Netherlands (Marc Bracke), Sweden (Stefan Gunnarsson, Rebecka Westin), and Norway (Andrew M Janczak, Janicke Nordgreen, Anastasija Popova, Frida Aae). Researchers in Work Package 1 shared updates on the characterization of pig tail caudal nerves and the histopathology of traumatic neuromas in docked pig tails, as well as activities aimed at testing effects of tail docking with or without analgesia on neural transmission, endocrine responses, and behaviour and facial expressions. Work Package 2 researchers summarized studies testing effects of providing straw on exploratory and tail directed behaviour, use of remote sensors for animal monitoring, and the efficacy of measures to prevent tail biting. For Work Package 3 updates were given on relationships between health and the risk of tail biting outbreaks. Progression in research and dissemination was summarized relative to project milestones and deliverables and plans were made for the next meeting to be held in Paris in April 2014. The meeting was productive and indicated good work progression in the enthusiastic project team.