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FareWellDock publication list

At present the FareWellDock website has 97 blog posts (like this one).

We are drafting our final report and finalising our publication list. Here you can find the FareWellDock publication list. At present we are heading towards 28 peer-reviewed scientific publications, 6 book chapters, 35 conference contributions, 16+ farm-magazine articles, 14 training sessions and several other communication activities (internet and radio).

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SRUC press release

SRUC issued a press release and posted this message on their website:
New Project Aims to End Tail Docking.
In response BBC’s Farming Today interviewed Prof. Sandra Edwards (Newcastle University, 12-09-2013).

Secondary coverage:
Connect – Sustainable Food Supply and Security. 11-09-13. New project aims to end tail docking in pigs
Farmers Weekly Interactive 11-09-13 New project aims to end pig tail docking in EU
Farm Business – Online 11-09-13 New project aims to end tail docking.
Farming Monthly 11-09-13 New project aims to end tail docking
FarmingUK 12-09-13 New project aims to end tail docking
Press and Jounal (Aberdeen), J. Watson 12-09-13 Study launched in bid to end docking of pigs’ tails.

Media coverage


Coverage of the project startup:

FI: Telkanranta, H. (in prep. 2014). Uusi EU-tutkimushanke tähtää tulevaisuuteen ilman hännäntypistystä (New EU-project aims at a future without tail docking). KMVET

DK: New EU project to reduce tail biting, docking in pigst (Feedstuffs, the weekly newspaper for agribusiness (Dec 2013)

DK: New EU project to reduce tail biting, docking (Pig Progress, Dec 4, 2013)

NL: Waninge (In prep.) Prikkelvoer – Opvoeding biggen leidt tot minder staartbijten (Stimulation feed – Rearing of piglets reduces tail biting). Varkens (Interview with Prof. Valros).
Op weg naar coupeervrij Europa (Towards a docking-free Europe) (Varkens, Dec 5, 2013)

SE: Dr. Stefan Gunnarsson of SLU was interviewed about the FareWellDock project on Sveriges radio (17-7-13, in Swedish).

UK: See the post on the UK’s media coverage to the press release issued by SRUC.